Waukesha® Metal Products, an international service supplier of metalforming capabilities including metal stamping, sheet metal fabrication and tool design/build recently added a Linx CJ400 printer to their lineup in the fabrication facility. The new Linx CJ400 will help increase productivity for labeling parts. Prior to the new printer, an employee would need to hand stamp each part. If a new product was being produced, or if a product changed, a new stamp would need to be ordered per product. With the Linx CJ400, products are placed on the conveyer belt where they are quickly and preciously labeled. By having the ability to program as many part numbers into the system right away, line the parts, and step away, there are no production delays waiting for specific projects to be delivered to get the job done. This investment in the latest technology will benefit Waukesha® Metal Product’s fabrication process by increasing accuracy and speed. From humble beginnings as a two man tool and die shop, Waukesha® Metal Products has developed into an international full-service metalforming manufacturer, delivering the best-value parts and assemblies in the industry since 1971.