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Medical Equipment Fabrication

Waukesha® Metal Products offers rapidly expanding medical component fabrication capabilities for all segments of the medical equipment industry. Coupled with our innovative metal fabrication technologies and in-house tool and die capabilities, our team of expert craftsmen can help you design and manufacture a variety of high quality, tight tolerance metal parts for medical equipment.

Capabilities and Specialties

Currently, Waukesha Metal specializes in low-volume fabrication for medical equipment, with a primary focus on dental sterilization kits of different sizes and designs.

We also have experience manufacturing small quantities of custom metal enclosures for medical electronics. Waukesha® Metal specializes in metal enclosures for any industry, offering best value solutions and less compromise than modifying an off-the-shelf enclosure.

In addition to fabrication, Waukesha® Metal offers a variety of value added services that enable us to take your project to completion. For our work in the medical industry, this generally includes robotic and manual welding, sub-assembly, and highly cosmetic finishes like painting and chrome plating of components.

While sheet metal fabrication makes up the majority of our work with medical equipment, we also have a wide breadth of experience with other metal forming techniques used in medical device manufacturing including metal stamping and tube fabrication.

Our team of design and process engineers can help you prototype your early life cycle designs in preparation for larger scale production runs.

We’re also suited to work with a variety of materials commonly used in medical devices, including stainless steel and aluminum.

Focus on Quality

Waukesha® Metal Products’ defined quality assurance process means we can quickly make any necessary adjustments and significantly shorten the lead time for your project with changing requirements.

We have in-house metrology labs that enable us to customize first piece and in-process checks to ensure that parts meet your print specifications with exacting precision.

To learn more about our quality assurance capabilities, click here.

Medical Device ISO Certified Manufacturer

Waukesha® Metal Products is proud to offer ISO 9001 certified equipment and services to ensure your medical device parts are the best quality for the best value.

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