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Early Stage Prototyping

Critical for the product development cycle, Waukesha Metal Products offers early stage prototyping services for parts destined for longer run metal stamping and fabrication projects.

The Prototyping Process

Not every design is perfect when it’s first created. Waukesha Metal Products’ metal prototyping process can help you perfect your parts before a simple mistake leads to a wasted production run.

Our prototyping services are utilized during the customer’s early stage product development. Commonly in metal stamping projects, prototypes are used for early product builds, limiting the up-front tooling expenses for our customers.

Our fabrication customers also take advantage of prototyping when they have new designs that need testing before entering a volume production process.

Working with a prototype design in the early stages allows our team to test your concept and let you know where any potential production challenges might occur.

Once any issues in your design have been addressed, we can then quickly scale your project up to a larger production run.

Our Experienced Design Team

Our design and engineering team is essential to the process of working with prototypes.

With over 40 years of experience in manufacturing, we know how to provide the best metal forming solutions possible.

You can learn more about our design and engineering team here.

Benefits of Prototyping

First and foremost, putting a design through the prototyping process can help you minimize hefty costs that could be incurred during larger production runs.

The process can also help shorten future lead times. Our team will be more familiar with your part, which leads to more efficient set-up and minimizes any chance for errors during production.

We’ll even be able to give you a better idea of how much a larger production run will cost.

And let’s not forget – you’ll also have a finished part so you can make sure the design fits your needs.

What Industries Use Prototypes?

Waukesha Metal Products often creates prototypes for the automotive industry, but we offer the service to any of the industries we serve.

We offer prototyping services for any metal stamping or metal fabrication project that is likely to develop into a  higher production run.

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