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Why Manufacturing?

The manufacturing industry is a thriving part of the Wisconsin economy, but for many people it’s still necessary to answer the question: Why should I work in manufacturing?

We have a lot to say on this topic. But first and foremost, we’ll say this: the demand is there.

Even as the emphasis on four-year degrees and service jobs increases in society at large, skilled factory employees are in extremely high demand. Arguably, they’re in even higher demand than four-year college graduates.

Much has been made of the so-called skills gap, the space that separates the needs of the manufacturing industry and the skills being acquired by the younger generations.

In fact, Waukesha Metal Products has been at the forefront of various efforts to both raise awareness of this critical issue and develop solutions to bridge the gap.

Our main message is a myth buster: a career in the modern manufacturing industry is an exciting, engaging lifelong journey jam packed with constant learning and innovation.

The Engine of the Economy

While manufacturing has waned in many parts of the country in recent years, Wisconsin remains one of the few states where manufacturing continues to be the lifeblood of the economy.

Wisconsin even dedicated October as Manufacturing Month to recognize its importance in our state’s economy.

But what many people don’t realize is that the modern manufacturing industry no longer bears any resemblance to the factory your father or your grandfather worked in.

Gone are the days of dirty, dingy, dangerous factories. Now, manufacturing is clean; it’s driven by technology; it’s innovative.

At Waukesha Metal Products, innovation in technology, processes, and equipment is a constant focus. We believe in playing a key role in the economic engine that is manufacturing.

A Skilled Trade Education

Today many careers require, at minimum, a four-year college degree. Of course while you’re busy learning your skill in the classroom, student loans pile up.

After you graduate, you may face a tough job market. Even once you get a job, it could take years to get past an entry-level position.

Manufacturing is unique in that it utilizes work-based learning combined with classroom study to accelerate entry into a career opportunity. You’ll be earning while learning, getting a quicker start to your career and better chances to advance sooner.

There’s also a misconception that less formal education means less educated. In reality, manufacturing employees are often some of the most innovative thinkers in the economy. They are problem solvers.

Waukesha Metal Products is Doing Its Part

We believe learning is like a highway, and our job is to create as many on- and off-ramps for education opportunities as possible.

Through partnerships with various local high schools, technical colleges and other educational organizations, we cultivate an interest in manufacturing in the younger generations.

In addition, our apprenticeship and internship programs help those who are interested get a head start on their careers, providing crucial on-the-job training to complement technical school courses.

And we are a constant advocate for cultivating interest in manufacturing careers. To learn more check out our News page, join our email newsletter or follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn!

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