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Apprenticeships and Internships

Waukesha Metal Products is committed to improving access to work-based learning in the manufacturing industry. To that end, we offer apprenticeships and internships to help with a transition into employment. Learning a manufacturing skilled trade is different than preparing for a career with a four-year degree. There is certainly academic-based education involved, but the skills of the trade come most effectively through work-based learning in apprenticeships. Manufacturing also requires individuals with four-year degrees in engineering, supply chain and operations management, accounting, communications, marketing, and business management. Work-based learning through internships helps those in these fields to gain valuable experience on the job.


While apprenticeships used to be a fairly common practice for learning a new trade, there as been a significant decline in the modern manufacturing workplace. Waukesha Metal Products is proud to continue offering this opportunity to the highly motivated and mechanically inclined person ready for a fulfilling career.

An apprenticeship with Waukesha Metal Products gives you significant on-the-job training that acts as a complement to your course-work at a technical college.


Waukesha Metal Products also offers shorter-term internships that provide hands-on manufacturing experience.

Whether you’re interested in a career in engineering or accounting, our internship program can help you experience what it’s like to work in the industry.

If you decide you’d like to learn more, we offer plenty of opportunities to further your education.

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Check out our currently open positions page for more information on apprenticeship and internship opportunities.