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Why Waukesha Metal

At Waukesha Metal Products, we have a long history as an industry-leading metal forming company. Whether it’s our use of or our exceptional management, we have received plenty of recognition for our work. This success comes through our best cost, best value approach to our work. It’s an approach that sets us apart from the rest of the industry and allows us to provide our customers with the highest quality products possible.

A Culture of Quality and Innovation

Waukesha Metal Products is committed to quality in every aspect of what we do, and that’s something our employees respond to.

Quality comes through hard work, constant learning, and genuine enthusiasm.

We also place a premium on innovative thinking and encourage creativity in all of our employees, regardless of their age or experience.

A Place to Grow

Another crucial part of our track record can be seen in the multiple employees who started out learning the basics of metal stamping and fabrication with us and have since grown into positions of responsibility and leadership.

For example, one employee currently responsible for the critical job of maintaining the machines in one of our facilities started out as a regular shop worker.

That’s the kind of thing we see all the time, and we want to continue to see more of.

Beyond the Basics

As you’ve read above, a career at Waukesha Metal Products offers much more than just the basics. But of course, it’s important to mention the basics!

Waukesha Metal Products offers a competitive wage based on your work experience, together with an excellent benefits package including medical, dental, vision, life, short and long term disability insurance, 401(k), tuition assistance, and paid time off (PTO).  Waukesha Metal Products is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Does this sound like a company for you? Check out our currently open positions here.