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Metal Stamping

Part of the highly skilled, passionate metal stamping team at Waukesha® Metal Products.

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Metal Stamping & Sheet Metal Fabrication

Waukesha® Metal Products is an innovative leader in precision sheet metal stamping and fabrication, component assembly, and tool and die manufacturing.

By pairing our in-house tool and die shop with advanced equipment and a full range of value added services including design and engineering, welding, and more, Waukesha® Metal Products can deliver on metal forming and fabrication projects for virtually any industry.

The expert craftsmen at each of our facilities in the greater Milwaukee area and in San Luis Potosí, Mexico emphasize innovation, process excellence, validation and continuous improvement.

With over 40 years of manufacturing experience, Waukesha® Metal Products is an international full service metal stamping and fabrication partner dedicated to delivering high quality and best value products to our customers.

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