Waukesha® Metal Products (WMP) has been awarded the Upper Midwest regional winner and the Grand Prize winner for the National Manufacturing Day Video Contest. The Manufacturing Video Contest was a way for all organizations to share how they celebrate National Manufacturing Day, and why others should as well.

The contest was split up into five different regions, Upper Midwest, West, Southeast, Northeast, and Lower Midwest. A total of 23 organizations submitted videos for the contest and based on location, a winner was chosen each day for a week with the Grand Prize winner announced Tuesday, Sept. 16. The winners of the Manufacturing Video Contest received a screening of American Made Movie, and a choice of a Manufacturing Day banner or feather flag to use at their 2014 Manufacturing Day event.

As a grand prize winner, WMP will also receive a visit to their American Made Movie screening by Mark Andol; Andol is the founder of the Made in America store and the owner of General Welding & Fabricating in New York. He will introduce the movie and do a Q & A session with the audience, or a media interview. WMP will also receive a $250 gift card to use in purchasing refreshments for the movie celebration, and a scholarship in their company’s name based on a percentage of each licensed fee collected for scheduled screenings of the American Made Movie.

Waukesha® Metal Products is honored to receive such an award. As a manufacturer, the main reasons WMP chose to submit the video was to show the importance of manufacturing, provide ideas to others on what they can do for National Manufacturing Day, explain why celebrating National Manufacturing Day is important and encourage others to participate.

Manufacturing has a lot to offer and itÕs time our students, educators and communities see the great opportunities it can provide. Open your doors for National Manufacturing Day so people can experience manufacturing first-hand. Congratulations to all other regional winners.

View the award winning videos here: http://www.mfgday.com/manufacturing-day-video-contest-winners
View announcement here: http://www.mfgday.com/news/manufacturing-day-announces-first-annual-video-contest-winners