Waukesha® Metal Products and the Milwaukee Bucks honoredtwo Iraq War veterans, Tom Voss and Anthony Andersonat one of the fifteen Hardwood Homecoming Veteran Salutes Bucks games on March 8, 2014 against the Washington Wizards. Tom and Anthony just returned home after walking 2,400 miles to California from Milwaukee in which they raised money and awareness for Dry Hootch, a local veteran’s non-profit organization. Tom and Antony left the War Memorial in Milwaukee on August 28thand arrived at the Pacific Ocean 158 days later on February 1st. In between, they walked through Iowa, Nebraska, Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona before reaching California. They averaged 18 miles a day! With no support team following them, they carried everything on their backs. The response from strangers, friends and fellow veterans helped them along their journey. Both men say they needed the long trek to reflect on their experiences and to cope with post-traumatic stress. The journey has given them new memories so they aren’t dwelling on their memories of war. Tom and Anthony raised over $100,000.00 for Dry Hootch to support veterans with P.T.S.D. Waukesha® Metal Products and the Milwaukee Bucks were proud to have the opportunity to say thank-you to Tom Voss and Anthony Anderson for their service and welcome them home to the hardwood. The commitment and sacrifice our military have shown for this country is valued by all; their courage and dedication has not gone unnoticed. Thank you Tom Voss, Anthony Anderson and the other members of your unit who have served our country, we cannot thank you enough.