Waukesha® Metal Products and the Milwaukee Bucks will honor Corporal Nathan Walker at one of the fifteen Hardwood Homecoming Veteran Salutes Bucks games on Feb. 8, 2014 against the Houston Rockets. Corporal Walker is a member of the United States Marine Corp, and is a Machine Gun Team Leader with the 2nd Battalion, 24th Marine Regiment, in Madison, Wisconsin. Corporal Walker is a decorated Global War on Terrorism combat veteran, having deployed twice on combat tours to Afghanistan. His first tour, with the 1st Battalion, 7th Marines, Corporal Walker served as a Heavy Machine Gunner on a Quick Reaction Team vehicle, where he provided fire support for combat patrol units. On his last deployment to Sangin, Afghanistan, Corporal Walker served as a Scout Sniper. As a Point Man and Sniper in Scout Sniper Platoon, Team 2, Corporal Walker led his team through hostile territory on long range patrols. On these dangerous patrols, his Scout Sniper Team would gather information and provide accurate long-range precision fire on selected targets, from concealed positions, in support of combat operations. Corporal Nathan Walker is from Deforest, Wisconsin, and currently lives in Platteville, Wisconsin. Waukesha® Metal Products and the Milwaukee Bucks were proud to have the opportunity to say thank-you to Corporal Nathan Walker for his service and welcome him home to the hardwood. The commitment and sacrifice our military have shown for this country is valued by all; their courage and dedication has not gone unnoticed. Thank you Corporal Walker and the other members of your unit who have served our country, we cannot thank you enough.