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Automotive Metal Stamping and Fabrication

Automotive metal stamping and fabrication for the automotive industry is a specialty for Waukesha® Metal Products. With innovative technologies, our expert team can design and engineer, manufacture and quality maintain complex automotive metal forming projects for almost every platform.

Parts, Capabilities and Vehicle Types

We have extensive experience producing high quality parts for automobiles, heavy vehicles such as on-highway semis, and off-highway vehicles including construction equipment and military vehicles.

Of course, our wide range of capabilities means we can serve almost any metal forming or fabrication need for automotive suppliers. For most projects we serve as a Tier 2 supplier to the auto industry.

Examples of automotive stampings we have delivered on time and on budget for past and current customers include transmission covers, battery housings, speaker and subwoofer chassis, seat components, brake components, and engine components. And that’s just to name a few.

Waukesha® Metal Products has years of experience producing tight tolerance automotive metal stampings in a broad range of materials, especially those most often used in the automotive industry such as high-strength, low-alloy (HSLA) steel and aluminum.

We also produce metal stampings in low carbon steels, copper, stainless steel, cold roll steel, spring steel and more.

In addition, our full range of fabrication capabilities in combination with value added services such as manual and robotic welding and assembly enable us to take your automotive parts project from start to finish.

Unique Solutions for the Automotive Industry

Waukesha® Metal Products’ capabilities are perfectly suited for the automotive industry. We assist your engineering team with a shorter run prototyping process to ensure that the part meets your specifications, and then provide launch support to fulfill long run production.

Our program management team provides you with one point of contact, meaning you don’t have to coordinate with multiple suppliers and vendors to see your project to launch.

One call to your Waukesha® Metal Products program manager will get your questions answered and your project moving forward.

ISO/IATF Certified Manufacturer

Waukesha® Metal Products is proudly certified to the automotive industry’s ISO/IATF 16949 quality standards to ensure your parts are made to their exact specifications.

Patented Sta-Collar Annular Shaft Flange

One of the most innovative parts we’ve manufactured for the auto industry is the patented Sta-Collar, an annular shaft flange that limits the lateral movement of a vehicle’s stabilizer bar.

For more information, please visit our Sta-Collar website.

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