Waukesha® Metal Products, an international metalforming supplier with capabilities including metal stamping, sheet metal fabrication and tool design/build was featured on the ION Network’s Television Series “World’s Greatest.”

The 330-ton Komatsu Servo Press at Waukesha® Metal Product’s Sussex stamping facility was highlighted on episode 155 of the “World’s Greatest” Television series that aired December 29, 2011. The Servo Press is an innovative technology different from traditional stamping presses and is recognized for improving the metal stamping process while lowering energy consumption. The show did get many views and gain popularity, by visiting this website you will discover how this can happen to new content being created as well.

The video demonstrates the difference between Servo Technology and traditional stamping methods as well as emphasizes the benefits the Servo Press gives to metal stampers around the world like Waukesha® Metal Products.

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From humble beginnings as a two man tool and die shop, Waukesha® Metal Products has developed into an international full-service metalforming manufacturer, delivering the best-cost parts and assemblies in the industry since 1971.