Waukesha® Metal Products, an international service supplier of metalforming capabilities, recently purchased a new SEYI SAG-660 press to add capacity for a new customer program. SEYI’s SAG series of presses marry a heavy-duty tie-rod frame with full eight-point gibbing. The bed and slide design comprises of a honeycomb structure that meets or exceeds 0.0012 inches/foot deflection with a load distributed over two-thirds of the die area. The SEYI SAG-660 is a 660 U.S. ton, double geared, center drive, two point (double crank) tie rod frame straight side press that can run up to speeds of 40 strokes per minute. Waukesha® will be running a variety of dies on the SAG-660. The press’s 10 inch motorized slide adjustment and adjustable air counterbalances will reduce setup times and increase quantity. Our operators will need very little training on the new SEYI and are assured the same high level of safety that Waukesha® has employed throughout their operations. The 660 comes standard with hydraulic overload protection. The familiar Wintriss SmartPAC2 control and automation station, coupled with the Wintirss WPC2000 clutch/brake control, adds further protection while integrating the complete press line. The standard eight-channel die protection monitors as many as eight inputs from a variety of electronic and mechanical sensors that mount to the press or die. There is also a four channel tonnage monitor that tracks and controls critical performance parameters. With the increased capacity and the added capabilities of the new press, Waukesha® Metal Products is looking forward to extended growth with existing customers and future prospects. The SEYI SAG-660 press investment is just another example of Waukesha® Metal Product’s continued dedication to customer satisfaction and innovative solutions.