Servo driven technology fits perfectly into the metalforming world, with its speed and accuracy to quickly produce tight-tolerance metal stampings.  The servo’s ability to create intricate forms, that wouldn’t have been possible in traditional presses without large multi-station tooling, makes it a top choice for all types of metal parts. Servo technology is not only beneficial for increasing accuracy and productivity but also for its ability to decrease tool wear and energy consumption. Energy is saved since the motor is only used when it is needed, unlike a mechanical press that uses the motor all the time when the press is “on.” Tools have a longer life when used in a Servo Press due to less stress and less heat. Altogether, servo technology is a breakthrough in the metal stamping industry. Custom metal stampings from all different industries can benefit from Servo Technology including: automotive, aerospace, electronics, medical, consumer products and many more. The unlimited programmability and control the servo gives opens the door for the many ways tooling can be exploited to improve material flow in a die. You can clearly see the difference a Servo Press offers as the speed of the press changes, unlike previous traditional presses that have one speed set for a particular job. Find out the benefits of using a servo press to create your metal stamping projects.